Online Marketing

If customers can’t find you online, you’re losing business. Your customers are looking for information that solves their problems, not sales pitches that make them click away. Hammond Media Group helps you navigate the internet marketing options that are mandatory for driving traffic and increasing sales.

Buyer behavior has changed. Did you know that buyers now spend nearly 70% of their time online before deciding what to buy? If your online marketing efforts don’t reflect this change, they should.

Taking your brand or business online involves more than just a website. Creating your online presence involves several key elements: a solid content strategy (SEO / SEM), ongoing website managment, social media engagement, affiliate marketing and connecting with influencers who have similar (and larger) audiences. Not to be overlooked is creating geo-targeted advertising campaigns on select social media channels that reach your audience to promote your products and services.

Do you want to convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers?

Through content, you build trust, credibility, and authority, all of which overpowers any sales resistance —  all the while introducing your product or service to the marketplace.  Through online advertising, you can reach a narrowly defined audience who wants your products and services.

Businesses having the most success online tend to have more valuable content (with no sales agenda) mixed with fewer periodic promotional messages and periodic advertising campaigns. Repeated and regular exposure not only builds relevancy with your customer base but also provides many touch-point opportunities making it easy for those prospects and clients to convert.