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Hammond Media Group designed and developed using the flexible WordPress theme: Suffusion.

BioInvest contacted us to help them with a website redesign (see the before and after screenshots below). The goal of their website was two-fold: to generate news subscriptions to their award-winning Medical Technology Stock Letter and to offer subscribers a members-only area for access to the archives as well as myriad company updates including time-sensitive buy/sell recommendations.

Website development services included incorporating an e-commerce element, integration of multiple RSS news feeds displayed in different formats throughout the website, inclusion of a scrolling stock ticker of biotech stocks from their recommended portfolio, crafting a taxonomy that enhances search and usability, SEO optimization, embedded PDFs, generated a scroll-triggered email sign up form after a user has engaged with their content and integrated MailChimp including setting up autoresponders.

Additionally, we organized the content in a way that enhanced the user experience as well as tweaked their existing logo, incorporated Google Analytics and offered a smooth transition for updating the website going forward to keep the content fresh and engaging; the knowledge transfer consisted of recommended online tutorials, screenshot grabs and screen-share conference calls. Finally, we hosted the new BioInvest website on Bluehost.

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