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Hammond Media Group finalized a complete redesign and relaunch of the Resort Workers 3.0 website in 2016 that not only considers scaling to resort towns across America, but incorporates many critical new features that enhance user experience.

Based on the original design for HireMeAspen which was the first iteration of Resort Workers (project overview), we further streamlined the feature set to create the minimal viable product, changed themes (Jobify) and developed a fully integrated employment site that offers paid job listings, worker profiles and employer information. The cascading roll-out schedule includes 12 mountain resorts in the United States, starting with Aspen, Colorado.

Creating this new and improved WordPress site required incorporating numerous plugins to function properly with the theme.  Some of those plugins included: woo commerce, stripe payment gateway, slider revolution, resume manager, indeed integration (jobs feed) and pods. Pods was especially important in that it allowed us to create, manage and deploy customized content types and fields — a necessity for the content found in categories, tags and regions the site offers.  View features on specific layout examples below:

Workers are able to post multiple profiles that appear in various job categories (resort locals often work side jobs to earn extra money), manage resumes, set alerts, bookmark jobs and apply with one click. They also can hide their profile as needed. Employers can post and manage jobs from one dashboard, bookmark worker profiles (with notes) for easy reference, save resumes and contact/manage job applicants. Additionally, they can easily ‘duplicate’ jobs when submitting similar job listings in the future. Finally, they can embed a jobs widget on their company website which serves double duty: enhances the content on their site while driving traffic to Resort Workers.

We also created resort-specific social media sites (e.g. Aspen Workers on Facebook) for each region in order to keep the shared content (posts, jobs, workers and employers) relevant for each resort town. All job listings in all resort towns are automatically posted to the Resort Jobs Facebook page for easier sharing later via Hootsuite.

We offer incentives to local employers to post a job, especially during launch. We offer free profiles to workers to make the site robust.  Finally, we offer a one-stop-online-shop for all things employment to the locals in their respective resort, achieving our goal of being the best employment site in town, far exceeding the features and benefits provided by the dated classified sections of local newspapers.

Overall, this iteration of the Resort Workers website is the most robust yet. Local workers are sure to appreciate this site that was built especially for them.

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