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Hammond Media Group designed and developed the e-commerce jewelry site,  The site enables users to purchase one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry items the various Tookey Buxton Jewelry Collections, named after the personality traits that the namesake, “GrandmaTookey,” possessed.

Using the customizable and responsive WordPress Suffusion theme, we designed this e-commerce site with the consumer in mind.  Whether they are looking for items within a collection via the top navigation, searching for something unique via the search box using product tags or looking for jewelry characteristics highlighted in the left sidebar, the user will find what they’re looking for…and more.

We installed the Woo Commerce plugin and various add-ons to create a full service e-commerce site that allows users to peruse products, add them to a shopping cart, use coupons, pay taxes, view up-sell suggestions, learn about special deals, offer a rating, indicate shipping instructions and even send us a personalize note when checking out.  In order to avoid the risk of housing credit card data within the Tookey Buxton website, we opted to redirect the user to a Mijereh secure checkout page which is designed to look like the Tookey Buxton website, making for a seamless user experience.  Finally, the woo commerce functionality also provides real time reporting such as: Orders (sales by date, product, category and coupon usage), Customers (customer list and visit information), Stock (low stock, out of stock, most stocked) and Taxes (by code and date).

This SEO-friendly website also incorporates social media integration, MailChimp integration, Spam filtering and a Contact Us form. We also used the paid service, VaultPress, as a second layer of back-up protection.


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