Sameer Aidoor

“Collaborating with Connie Hammond, under her leadership for the team project, has simultaneously been an academically stimulating and novel learning experience for me. Connie brings an immeasurable amount of personal entrepreneurial experience to the group, which is readily evident in the confident and pragmatic manner with which she executes her leadership responsibilities. This was apparent since the first time I met Connie at the group discussion we arranged for our first course assignment.

Connie’s high energy and initiative can quickly become viral within the group to which she contributes. As a group leader, she can effortlessly channel this to translate actions into results. As a group member, she has no problem stepping into wider roles to ensure that the job gets done without compromising on quality. I look forward to working with Connie on interesting projects in the future.” – Sameer Aidoor, Stanford’s Technology Entrepreneurship Class E145